Shimla Workshop

Indian Institute of Advanced Study,

Shimla, India

August 9-10, 2016

A workshop on the history of science and cosmopolitanism

The main theme of this workshop is the changing perception of history of science as the field responds to a changing world. The idea of a single origin of science is gradually getting replaced by stories of multiple origins, dialogues between cultures and formation of communication networks. The goal of this workshop is to explore such themes by relating them to the idea of ‘cosmopolitanism’. Is it possible to construct a non-hierarchical history of science? How can a history of science be narrated which simultaneously pays attention to local histories as well as trans-local exchanges involving a diversity of objects and crosses national and civilizational boundaries? How does the frame of cosmopolitanism help us understand these themes better? The comparative asymmetries between regions of the world also lead to new questions about concepts such as science, authority, state and identity.

Check out Urmila Unnikrishnan’s reflections on the Shimla Workshop here.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons, used under Creative Commons license