Shimla Workshop

“Cosmopolitanism in the History of Science”

Indian Institute of Advanced Study,
Shimla, India
August 9-10, 2016

This exciting seminar featured 12 participants from India, Canada, Germany, and France, presenting in beautiful Shimla, India, at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study.  They examined the meaning of the term “cosmopolitanism” and its relations to the history of science. For more information on the seminar, check out:

Below are listed the presenters and the titles of their talks.  Read about their presentations here: Abstracts booklet

Dhruv Raina, Jawaharlal Nehru University: “Problematizing Cosmopolitanism and Cosmopolitan Science”

Kapil Raj, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales: “Cosmopolitanism – The Very Idea…”

Lesley Cormack, University of Alberta: “What does a ‘Global History of Science’ look like? Strategizing for a new ‘master narrative'”

Robert Michael Bain, University of British Columbia: “Hermit and Cosmopolitan, Fully Human: German Natural Scientists before the Nation State”

Pradipto Roy, NIMHANS: “Psychological Symptoms in the Vernacular: Towards a Cosmopolitan History of Mental Health Science in South Asia”

Srabanti Choudhuri, Netaji Subhas Open University: “Nirmal Kumar Bose’s Master-piece Hindu Samajer Gadan (The Structure of Hindu Society): An Attempt to offer a Cosmopolitan Approach to the Study of Indian Civilization”

Joachim Kurtz, Heidelberg University: “Western, New, or Cosmopolitan? Chinese Views on the Origins of Modern Science”

John B. Lourdusamy, Indian Institute of Technology: “Commodities and Cosmopolitanism: The Case of Tea”

Sanjay Kumar, St. Stephen’s College: “Cosmopolitan Strands in Science in Colonial and post-independence India”

Jobin Mathew Kanjirakkat, University of King’s College: “Cosmopolitanism and the Local in Linguistics”

Vijaya Shankar Varma, Indian Institute of Advanced Study: “Al-Kindi and Cosmopolitanism in Science”

Gordon McOuat, University of King’s College: “Local Cosmopolitanism: Social, Political and Material: (+: where do we go from here)”


Featured image: NASA, The Blue Marble




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